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Corona Affecting Ugandans’ Report by UN

KAMPALA, 23 April 2020 – The United Nations in Uganda, together with 20 partner organisations, is appealing for US$ 316 million to support the country in minimizing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its most vulnerable groups of people over the next six months.

The appeal comes as COVID-19 threatens to spread in the country, and as the necessary measures taken to combat it are also constraining the delivery of lifesaving services to those most in need. This includes 1.4 million refugees, the third highest number hosted by any country.

Speaking today in Kampala, the UN Resident Coordinator Rosa Malango said the Government of Uganda had taken on this virus in a concerted and decisive manner, using a whole of government approach. The funding was urgently needed to help Uganda ensure vital health services continue – including for children, women and the chronically ill – as the government works to contain the virus. She added that the funding was also important to ensure that people can get back on their feet when the economy returns to normal.

“The Government of Uganda has taken on this virus with both hands, adopting timely and appropriate measures to stop its spread,” said Malango. “However, as in other countries, millions of poor people have been impacted adversely.”

While Uganda has over 60 confirmed COVID-19 cases so far, many people are finding it difficult to access lifesaving services as already strained resources are being redirected to contain the outbreak. The economic effects, compounded by restrictions on movement, are likely to have a severe societal impact on a country where 21.4 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

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