Hand of grace-poor child

Defining Poverty & Fighting Poverty as Hand Of Grace

Our nation is facing a crisis of rampant poverty. Throughout the country we have to deal
with problems like malnutrition, unemployment, and homelessness. A sizeable section of
our citizenry is living under inhumane conditions. The irony is that South Africa is rated
as one of the richest and best-developed nations in Africa. The big question is; “What is
the nature of the Christian witness within a nation that is a young democracy, that is
facing the challenges of deprivation?” Poverty is a point of concern, because it is
affecting almost half of the South African population. The question of destitution is a
dilemma that is a concern to all conscientious citizens in this country. It is not just a
theoretical or fictitious difficulty. Poverty is about existential problems faced by real
people in their struggle to free themselves from the powerlessness and marginalization
that is destroying their lives. It is these ordinary people who are feeling the actual pain,
inconvenience, shame and prejudice of poverty.

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